Hi from Manchester!


Hi everyone, I’m Noelle and I’ve been dabbling in the VA world for a couple of years now but only for friends and for free…
I’m at a time in my life now whereby I want to have the flexibility of working round my life instead of living round my work! I need to work to keep the brain in gear. I loved being a PA in a former life, before the stress of man management, so I’ve made the leap and here I am!
I’m new to this forum today and I’m really looking forward to having a good read and getting organised.

Have a lovely weekend everyone x


Hi Noelle

Welcome to SVA! It is a word which comes up again and again when we chat to VAs about their “WHY” - flexibility.

I love a bit of wiggle room on what I’m doing each day, let’s me work much more efficiently for a start.


Welcome Noelle. I’m sure you’ll find this site so very helpful.

I love this above sentence. It’s so simple but oh so true. I’m going to remember this. The “man management” also made me smile.

Very best of luck with this new chapter of yours!


Thanks Caroline, I absolutely agree. I feel much more focused and far less stressed.
I’m planning on working my way through the features on the site to make sure I’m on the right track.
I’m so pleased I found you. I’m almost set up now with everything I learned watching your Q&A on GDPR with Annabel Kaye.
It’s just a matter of getting my name out there now…gulp!


Thanks for your lovely reply Adrienne, it’s very much appreciated.


Welcome @noelle.hesketh,

You’re in the best place to get lots of information and support!

With you being based in Manchester I wondered if you were aware of this VA conference taking place in June? https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/nw-va-conference-2019-tickets-47542402606
@caroline I hope it’s ok to post this conference information.

Best wishes, Rachel


Yes - it’s brill and their speakers this year are seriously excellent… Jo and the team are fab - you’ll learn tons!

For future ref:
I’m always happy for people to share VA stuff - the only time things get deleted is if they are for onsite work (they need a temp not a VA!) or if it sails close to the bone legally (and I might ask you to repost without names).

Occasionally we get events which are a bit duff… i.e. paid SEO training from a company who can’t even list their own website properly; BNI recruitment etc…And in those sorts of cases I would point out the pros and cons, but certainly it’s fine to post stuff if you think it would be useful to other VAs.

I’m aware I’m a bit more lax about this than other networking groups, but TBH, SVA is a bit different from most groups because I earn cash being a VA - this isn’t a money making exercise!


Hi Rachel

I’m grateful for any information and advice. I’m new to it all and had no idea so I’ll take a look and hopefully I’ll be able to make it.
Thanks so much!



Hi Noelle,

I have nothing to add to what has been said so far in this thread, but just wanted to welcome you.

I am based in London, so not much help on the local networking front, but just wanted to wish you the best as you grow your business.


Thanks Petra, I appreciate it!