Hi from Maggie the Campervan


Hi everyone!

My name is Georgina and I’m a new VA (just 1 year in) but I’m really enjoying my job for the first time in years, anyone else had that feeling? :slight_smile:

I used to be a video game designer but now I’m a general VA who enjoys bookkeeping, webdesign and graphics. I’m based in Creiff, Scotland but currently travelling with my family (hubby, toddler and puppy) in our Campervan called Maggie across Europe.

I got really lucky in my first year with a few really good client referrals but my luck has run out and I’m working hard to market my business and just discovering how to actively network online on LinkedIn and socials, so fingers crossed! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love any thoughts on my website and services that might put potential clients off and would love to connect with some more VA’s on LinkedIn too, so I don’t feel like I’m throwing general VA advice out just to a bunch of gamers :sweat_smile:

Thank you!

Can’t wait to meet you all xx


Hi Georgina,

I love your branding / logo etc. So I would start thinking a little strategically about who yo want to attract and what you want to do for them. Then be consistent with your social media presence and your engagement on the content of those you would love to support etc.

I have pinged you a connection request on LinkedIn and happy to chat and help if I can.

Where in Europe are you currently travelling, we have been living in our motorhome for the past 9 months while we build a house and travel to France in a couple of weeks. I cannot wait.

Talk soon


Thank you Amanda!

Thats great advice about creating posts for my ideal clients as I’m not sure if my current target posts spread my marketing too thin… I’ve been focusing on Bookkeeping, websites and graphics, but lately, I’ve been enjoying my bookkeeping way more as my website clients are very difficult in comparison, but I do really enjoy creative work in general.

Also, what is your take on Portfolio’s? I currently don’t have one except for my projects page which shows some examples.

I’m in Croatia right now! It’s very hot! Ahh excellent, we might end up doing the same when we get tired of moving, we’ve been in our van for over a year now :slight_smile: Good luck in France, I hope you have a great time! :heart:



Hi Georgina,

Portfolios are great if you do the type of work that lends itself to that type of display. So websites and graphic design work well here.

Case studies are a great way of demonstrating what you do for clients though, they highlight the pain of the client, the solution you delivered and then the outcome / impact of the work you did.

I hope that helps


Hi Maggie,

This sounds so exciting and your website looks amazing.

Referral is great but you also need to network. Whether than be on LinkedIn, FB, networking groups. Like Amanda suggested research who would be your ideal client and their location etc, if it is Europe then you could look locally to where you are staying and speak to everyone you meet. If it is UK based businesses then there are so many online networks that you could sample or join, word will travel quickly as when clients seek a VA it is usually as they have reached their maximum stress levels and want something straight away. Its just about being in the right place at the right time. Good luck


This is so helpful thank you!

My work is split between these things right down the middle but I’m currently enjoying my admin and bookkeeping more as my website clients have been more difficult to work with and I’ve had 2/3 failed projects on the design side due to client issues (be demotivating but just moving forward…).

So I think I’ll prioritize the case studies and work on my portfolio second.

Thanks again!