Hi from Coventry! Sara


Hi everyone! I have just set up and I am based in Coventry. My site isn’t finished, I decided to completely rebrand, and get new business cards (among other promo stuff). Oh and I am attending the Festival of Enterprise next week! So excited, and also nervous. Did I mention how much I love the VA community?! Everyone is so helpful and supportive! Best decision I have made yet! x


Oh how exciting - it’s really fun getting to the bit where you can actually see your brand coming to life!

Where is the Festival of Enterprise? (We are totally okay about posting links to other sites etc as long as it’s not spammy!)


It is actually! By far my favourite part of the journey but also the most stressful part! It is at the NEC October 23rd and 24th. I am just visiting but when you register for a free ticket you are invited to an app which allows attendees to show ‘interest’ in each other and arrange meet ups for networking. I have had about 8 people ‘interested’ in me which is quite flattering!
Here is the link https://www.festivalofenterprise.co.uk/
Thanks Caroline x


That sounds great - apart from anything else, it’s really handy getting used to talking to people about your business and hearing about theirs.


Hi Sara, how was the Festival of Enterprise?


Hi Anasatsuma! The Festival of Enterprise was great. I visited on the first day only, but the atmosphere was great, everyone was so friendly and the speakers very informative. I had a lot of interesting conversations and did some great networking! I would recommend going next year x