Hi from Cambridgeshire!


Hi all! I am Anna and am just starting on my VA journey, with the hope that I can replace my income with VA work and leave my stressful day job.
I live near St Ives (the Cambridgeshire one not the Cornwall one!) and am hoping to niche in agricultural and rural businesses as I come from a farming background so would be good to go back to my roots. it would be great to connect with any other VAs working in the same area of business (and location!). I am looking forward to learning all things VA as I go along!


I live near Cambridge so not far away from you! :slight_smile:


Hi Anna,

Congratulations on making the decision to become a VA. Where are you at in your journey? I’m not far from you at all, I’m in St. Neots and haven’t long been a VA either, I launched in January.

Nice to virtually meet you :slight_smile:



Hi Sarah! No, not far away at all. Have spent plenty of time in the city!


Hi Hollie! am still very early days, just trying decide what skills i can offer, am finding it hard to word what i have into something ‘sellable’! St Neots is not too far either, It’s a lovely part of the county!


Happy to help if I can :slight_smile:


Hi Anna,

I do know a VA with an agricultural background, I’ll pop them a message to see if they’re happy to be connected!

Also - a while ago I compiled a list of 55 services VAs can offer - if you think it might help I’d be happy to share it with you :slight_smile: Try not to let your concern over pinpointing specific services hold you back at this stage, you may end up doing more general tasks but for client’s in specialist industries like the agricultural/farming industries you mention. Also, your clients may well have a good idea of what they need you to do so you can have those discussions in the discovery call!

All the best on your VA journey!


Hi Anna
I’ve got an equestrian and farming background so be great to connect. I’m based down in West Sussex :blush:


Thanks Sarah, would be good to speak with someone already successfully working as a VA!


Thanks Hannah, that would be great!


If you’re referring to me getting in touch with the VA with a similar background, she’s posted above :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re talking about the list of services, pop me your email and I’ll get it sorted :slight_smile:


Hi Anna, I live in Houghton, so really not far away. Have been a VA for nearly 2 years and love it.


Feel free to message me or email me at sarah@2-assist.co.uk :slight_smile:


It’s easy to get bogged down with some of the details isn’t it! Looks like the lovely ladies above have offered to help you out! What kind of timeline are you looking at for launching?