Hi from Bucks!


Hi all :slightly_smiling_face: I’m just starting my VA business whilst working full-time. Hoping to leave the full-time job eventually once my VA work is up and running. Really looking forward to learning as I go and watching others develop as well!


Hi Kate,

Welcome to the community! It’s so lovely and supportive here :slight_smile:



Hi Kate,

Exciting times ahead, you mention learning as you go which is great - be sure to ask any questions you have and let us help answer them for you.

Take care


Thank you Hannah :grinning: Really appreciate the welcome.



Thank you Amanda, I will certainly remember this :smile::ok_hand:t2:



Hi Kate,

How exciting! I was working part-time (due to childcare) when I set up my VA business. It is great as you can still earn whilst creating the foundations.

Just don’t take on too much work initially before leaving your full-time job… it is tiring trying to work day and evenings and to be in tip top form.

Key tip - network… as soon as people hear about you from others the business will come in.

Good luck with everything :):smiley:


Hi Keira,

Thank you so much, it is tough going isn’t it, doing everything! But your advice is great, I will try not to take on too much VA work initially as my full-time job is still very demanding.

Thanks for the networking tip as well - I’m definitely trying to connect with as many people as possible, particularly on LinkedIn! Once my website is up and running in a few weeks, I’ll really get myself out there :blush:

Thanks again and have a great day!



Hi Kate,

Welcome, I’m in Bucks also if you ever want a local VA coffee :grinning:

Good luck!


Hi Rachel!

That would be fab! Whereabouts are you in Bucks?

Kate :smile:


Hi Kate,

How are you getting on?



Hi Amanda,

Really good thank you! I’ve got my first two clients, my branding has just been finalised and I’m going to start getting my website sorted so all’s going in the right direction!

Thanks for asking :smile:

I hope all is well with you too!