Hi from Blackheath


Hi I’m Karan from London. I have over 20 year’s PA experience and since leaving my part-time role in the City in March I have been in the process of setting myself up as a VA. I launched my website 2 weeks ago www.mhvirtualassistant.co.uk and I’m now looking for clients so any advice would be greatly received.

If there are any VA’s in the Blackheath/Greenwich and surrounding areas, I would love to meet up for a coffee?

Thank you for inviting me to join such a great network!


Hi Karan

Welcome to SVA. There is a West End VA meet up - run by another VA who is coincidentally also called Caroline (gets very confusing!!). https://www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk/events/


Thanks Caroline. I will check it out.

Kind regards,



Hi Karan
I am similarly just on the verge of launching my VA business in the London area and so noted with interest the post from Caroline flagging the London West End events. When I click on the event link in the events page however, I get a “this page doesn’t exist” result! Are you having the same issue?
Caroline - can you let me know how I go about registering my interest to attend an event such as this one?
Thank you both


Should be working - try: https://www.meetup.com/London-based-Virtual-Assistants/events/261199645/
(that’s for July 9 one)


Hi Victoria

Unfortunately I can’t make the 9th July but hope to meet you at another event.

Thank you Caroline for fixing the link.

Kind regards,



Think they are taking a break for the summer, but you should be able to sign up and get alerts when the next one is on?