Hi from a newbie in Scotland


Hi all
I am Ailene from Central Scotland. Just finished a Mastery training course for VA and now working it as a side hustle alongside a fulltime job.

I love retail and have over 35 years’ experience so looking to support retailers/online sellers … but like every other VA my skills are transferrable across most businesses :slight_smile:


Hi Ailene,

Welcome to Society of VAs, I am really interested to know about the Mastery training course for VA you finished. I am looking into training courses at the moment, was your training any good? who was it with and was it costly? Cathy


Hi @ca-th33
I did Amanda Johnsons VACT mastery course it was the higher end of her courses, but she has different options and lots of freebies too
I thought it was great to have a set formula to follow and at the end I have a complete folder that has all my ideas/thoughts pulled together - took me 5 months to complete but I am working full time in another role too :slight_smile:


Hi Cathy,

Happy to chat and answer any questions you have about the VA Mastery Course (or my other courses).

Exciting times ahead.



I cannot wait to see where you take your business Ailene.