Hi from a fairly new creative VA :)


Hi everyone!
It took me a while to introduce myself here as I’m a bit overwhelmed not really knowing how to get/find my customers and have gone back to part time nanny and lots of other part time jobs. But I still am really hoping to show others that I can do it and really want to make it work.
I’m a nomad with 10+ years of low budget solo travel experience internationally, am a passionate newborn/child photographer, mixed media children’s illustrator, and advocate for mental health. So I’m hoping to help people with travel research and booking (but not as travel agent), help with the editing load of child & wedding photographers, (hopefully adding product photography once I safe up for supplies), and other bits they might need help with, and helping mental health professionalists with bits of their work or mental health app developers and similar to create content, uplifting quotes, understanding messages, maybe even managing a FB MH group. I feel like I can help with photography/editing and mental health the most because other nomads don’t really need help planning and business trips don’t require much time to plan. Or at least that’s what other people say. That everyone is capable of planning their own trip or would look for travel agents. I don’t have a supportive network and connections. So they either get annoyed and upset when I reach out or say that nobody needs a VA. Which makes it hard continuously believing in the journey, while not finding clients since October.

Anyway, while I’m not having the traditional admin skills and can’t seem to wrap my head around them now social media skills, traveling, mental health, and photography/editing are all things I’m really good at. I do dog walking and training and am an Under 3 alternative nanny too with great experience and skills. If anyone has an idea on how to offer those skills and reach clients or knows someone in these categories that you weren’t able to help because it’s not your expertise or even just hearing for a change that people need my skills and it’s not a stupid journey - I would appreciate it all!

Are we allowed to share a link to website or instagram here? Not sure. But I can post it if anyone is interested in working together. :slight_smile:



I love the travel VA idea and I think its a really good one and needed! I would def find use for a reliable travel booker.

I’m sorry other people have put you off but I’ve found that people constantly try to crush your best paths and you really have to believe in yourself, keep hold of your vision and the reasons why you are the right person to deliver that, and push on.

On the other side of every crisis or downer there is something much bigger and better.

Keep taking the road less travelled! It likely to be a good one if others don’t get it yet.

And keep in touch if you might like to skill share or pass work to each other in the future.



Thanks Nicky.
I don’t know people yet that are interested or even know about VAs existing yet especially in UK, but do let me know what you’re skills and services are and I will definitely recommend you when I see someone needing help for those. :blush::+1:

It might really just be on the rise and what sounds stupid to people right now, will be popular and something most people will be looking for in the near future. It would solve so many struggles too becoming a VA, so I’ll definitely keep at it. :slight_smile:


Absolutely fine to share links!

It sounds like you have a really interesting varied background - one of the nice things about being a VA is that you get to do new things all the time so you are always learning!


Yes, when I told people I was a VA people asked me what’s a VA?

So it’s a great opening to telling them what you can offer.

I also immediately wrote my first blog post - ‘What’s a VA?’

Do you have a website? Please let me know the link and I’ll have a look. Here’s mine:

Most of my services and skills are on there but I’m still building on it, got to get experience and testimonials on there yet.

Also you said that you do photos, the images on my website are not great quality - maybe that’s something you could offer? Providing images for people for their sites?



Hi there!

I’m a fairly new VA too and still haven’t cracked that whole finding clients thing. I’m lucky enough to have one client I met through friends on a random city break and a partner supporting me right now, but it gets difficult and intimidating not having an income sometimes. To stave off the boredom and stay productive I’m reading up on new skills and software to expand my offerings, twiddling about with my website and learning from a savvy friend how to find clients through LinkedIn. If my LinkedIn studies start paying off I will be more than happy to share my methods with you!

Keep going, you’re not alone in this!

Holly, New VA


Thanks. Good to know.

I feel sometimes my skillset and possible niches are too different as I mostly see job offers for social media management or admin tasks. But when I first started looking into it, it was said a VA can offer any kind of help. I’m really looking forward learning more in my areas of interest. I think once a VA business is starting to draw in clients and you get to manage the first tasks, it’s probably also a good confidence and self-esteem booster because you did something all on your own and are able to constantly learn. While as in my other employed work I always feel kinda stuck at one level never able to expand and no room to learn as you keep within the boundaries set by your boss.


Yes, it really is a good conversation starter.
I think when starting out a website is in constant change. Figuring out the best way for payment, explaining what you do and along the way slightly changing and becoming clearer, being able to change from how should I appear to this is who I am and how I want to appear, etc.
It always gives possibilities for improvement but definitely is a good start and you have a lot of services to offer. I think I would turn the word services into a link though rather than the image.

But yes, part of the photography related services is stock photo research.
I don’t do webdesign but can create the right photo sizes in Photoshop for example so they are all the same size.

Mine is bit.ly/thecreativegeniecva .


Congrats on getting started and the first clients. It does sound scary to not have a secure steady income and always having to find a new client. I wish I could give you advice, but really am clueless myself. I am in some photographer groups commenting and offering VA help there and look for photographers on instagram too, letting them know of what I offer. No luck yet though. No idea how and where to even look for the other possible clients. But maybe it will be a domino chain and your current clients will keep recommending you. It’s good to find productive brain engaging tasks to keep yourself busy in empty periods. Keeps the going crazy level a bit lower. I tried linkedin but it just seems to dry and confusing to me. If you know the magic to that platform definitely let me know. lol

Fingers crossed for you! :slight_smile:


It sounds like what you are offering is really interesting! Good luck.


I’m on LinkedIn as it feels more professional than other social media. It’s a good place for longer content and for showcasing projects too. There is a fair bit of sales on there, I use it more for making connections at the moment. Also LinkinIn Learning is very good for improving on skills.


Really like your website, I can see that you are going down the same lines as me with taking away the stress for them. And thanks for the feedback that’s helpful - websites are not really my thing or sales images so I’ve just been muddling along with it and making improvements as I go!

I mainly wanted people to get a sense of feeling calm and relaxed when they visit it and trusting in my abilities and experience. Keeping at it!


Hope to link up more in future, I think it’s good to build a little group with different areas of expertise to pass work between. I’m working on a site like that currently with a business coach so that we offer different services to the same clients and share the marketing work.



Hi - I am a VA as well as a qualified Travel Agent with 30-years experience. Always happy to help with Travel Enquiries.


Hi - I think there is always a need for Creative Services as it is niche.
Although I see VA’s offer to research holidays - I personally always find it odd as that is why you go to a Travel Agent. For the expertise they offer. I myself offer a Traditional PA Service as well as a Travel Consultancy which is ABTA bonded.
I do get a lot of referral business from VA’s who I book the travel for their clients.


Hi there,

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re struggling on your journey and not finding the support you need in your network. Thankfully the VA community is a hugely supportive one!

I’m also a creative VA and have a background in education, and nearly all of my clients are and have been from these two backgrounds, so the work is out there! I’ve also turned down work in the past from a client who needed a VA familiar with dogs so there’s even work to be found in niches that specific!

Have you tried using LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook to connect with photographers, mental health professionals, coaches etc.? Try joining groups, answering questions and offering value so people get to know your name, follow them on IG and make valuable comments, etc. Put tips, tricks, advice and more valuable content up your social media that your ideal client might find useful, showcase your work so when people come across your page/grid they can see how good you are at a glance!

I actually wouldn’t worry too much about not offering specific skills; some things you can learn on the go and you might find yourself dismissing clients that actually you may be more than capable of helping once you’ve had more of a chat about their requirements. I’d focus more on finding the right clients in the right industries.

I hope this helps in some way and wishing you all the best in your future journey!