Hi everyone (new here)!


Hi all,

I would like to introduce myself, I am Cleana and have been working in Corporate (Pharmaceuticals) for long time with different roles but mainly in Supply Chain Finance. I have been made redundant and my last day is 1st December.

I have been interested to work for myself, due to a stress work related and I have a special needs child too with lots of private therapies going on.
For those who just started or even the experienced ones could answer too, I know owning your own business require lots of work specially to find clients.

My questions: How long did it take for you to find clients and engage with them?

  • How difficult it is to have a full time job and doing VA in a spare time?
  • How long did it take for you to become VA full time and earning a decent living?
    -How do you find your clients?

I am so sorry for so many questions, just feeling anxious what to do, just researching to get a better idea.

Thank you so much!


Hi Cleana,

Welcome to the VA industry. So there are a number of VAs who set up their business post redundancy and who do it in order to be there more for a special needs child. I have a couple of award winning VAs in my membership who have done exactly that? How old is your child?

So some VAs do start up while working full time and actually it is something I encourage people to do as we all still have bills to pay and it can take a good 6-9 months to earn a decent income. But it is totally doable.

Post those questions and lets see if we can help you move forwards.


Hi Cleana,

So many VA’s can work in a full-time role and build their business in the background. Others work solely on their VA business. My story is that I worked part-time in an employed role and then I started to build my VA business in my spare time. It was good for security.

It is difficult and challenging setting up a business, building a client base and finding the time to be the best VA to my clients as well as the best wife and mother to my family.

However, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Everyone is different so it would be hard to pop a timeframe on building your client base and earning an income. For example the hours I need to work may be less than what you are thinking or the amount of income I need to earn may be more.

If you have passion and great people skills as well being organised and efficient in the service you provide then give it a go. The key is to network, speak to everyone about the service you provide and build relationships. Good luck :smile:



I have a child with social and emotional needs so I really need to work part time and as flexibly as possible to be there for him, childcare is not an option.

I started planning my business in June whilst working full time on a call centre contract. I them properly launched in September when my child went back to school.

Fast forward to today and I have taken on more hours than I should have but I had a fear of not having enough work. There is lots of work out there but I would do all your planning before making the leap and try to get at least one client on board beforehand.

Best of luck.