Hi Everyone - Lake District


Good evening everyone!

Just a quick introduction. During this crazy lockdown period, it has given me time with my 2year old which is the main thing, but, also to develop and take a leap of faith into the Virtual Assistant world. Having gone back to work after my little one was only 6months old, I have been up in the air about what to do.

So, here goes, looking forward to my new adventure and hopefully a work / life balance!

Any advice would be appreciated - thank you :slight_smile:



Welcome and congrats on your new journey.

We’re all here to network, share ideas and support each-other, thanks to @caroline for making it possible.

Lots depends on what services you offer and what’s your ideal client.

I’m still working on my niche in offering admin services to health/compliance sector, but I know quite a good number of VAs don’t have a niche at all.

Suppose that also depends on one’s background.

I’d also advice to engage in networks and social media.

Speak soon




We’ve heard lots of “silver lining” stories like this over the past few months! Welcome to SVA!


Hi Jona

Many thanks for your reply and your advice.

I have over 15 years experience within the PA and various Administration fields, so, I guess my niche would be within that area.

I have had a look into various networking pages for within my area so far, but, will broaden my area range too.

My main worry is potentially taking work on which is not quite right for me, just because it is a starting point doesn’t necessarily mean I should accept it. Having had an enquiry regarding looking after partial business VAT and CIS alongside PA, Administration work, VAT and CIS it is not an area I have expertise in, therefore I am a little worried re taking it on or letting the potential client down by saying no to the work…


Hi Tracey @PWA

I wouldn’t take on a job if I’’m not quite confident that I can deliver. I don’t want to muddle up myself and have an unhappy client. But if you feel you’re good at it, then go for it. I’d suggest you make sure you’re compliant with any finance requirements as you’ll handle quite important financial docs. Good luck !



Thank you for your reply.

I completely agree with you on that. I have a meeting with the client tomorrow. I am swaying to suggest they use an accountant or accounts person for the VAT and CIS side of the business, but, I’ll happily help with the rest.

Better to be open and honest than fall into a trap.


It’s also not one you can do legally without MLR registration… See: https://www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk/2019/04/24/anti-money-laundering-regulations-for-virtual-assistants/


Thanks Caroline, I’ll take a read. That’s really useful information.