Hey everyone!

My names Hannah

I am in the process of setting up my own VA business. I have been working in the corporate/customer service industry for about 10 years.

Any advice for starting up or how/where to start searching for clients would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Hannah, welcome to the VA world! I’m pretty new to this so probably not best placed to advise. I’m starting out with LinkedIn as seems to be the place where my ideal clients network.
Best of luck with setting up :smiley:


Hi Hannah
Welcome to the VA world.
All my clients have come to me from personal referrals, and people I know and have worked with before.
I have tried social media marketing and it hasn’t produced any clients.
This is my experience and may not be the experience of others.
Good luck.


Hi Hannah!

I’ve just posted a similar answer on other people’s posts. I’d say the first step is identifying who your ideal client is and then you can work out where they are, (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) and focus on those areas. Also I found having a niche really helped as the majority of my clients chose me because of my experience in those areas.

Hope that helps!



Hi Hannah,

Network is the key! You need to talk to everyone about what you do. Tell previous employers, update your LinkedIn and join network groups. There maybe some local to you or you can look for larger groups via Google. There are also lots of networking events on this time of year for Businesses.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Hi Hannah,

How are you getting on? Happy to chat and answer any questions you have.



Hi Hannah!

Great to hear that you’re in the process of starting your own VA biz!

My tips would be to do lots of personal development and understand the fundamentals of running a business (this will really help to set you up for success).

Good luck!

Beth x