Help with IT to set up for remote training please


Hi, I wonder if anyone can give advice please? I provide training in the use of Sage accounts and payroll.
I’ve been asked to provide some remote training and not sure what equipment or systems I’d need to do this.
I think there is something called Zoho which is free to use software…guessing I just need to sign up to this?
Thinking headset? Do I need a landline or is it all done through internet/laptop? Is there anything else I’d need to do?
All help gracefully received. I’m fine using IT but just not a clue on setting up…:grinning:


Hi Sue,

When I do remote training I use headset/boom mic to ensure that the audio is clear. I use Zoom meeting platform which is free at the basic level and I share screens through them as well. I also use VNC Viewer which also allows me to do remote access to help set up and correct problems on their local computers.

Hope that helps.


Hi Wendrie

That’s great, I’ll have a look at that now.

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.

Best regards,


Zoom is good and you can screen share to show what you are doing. It is limited on the free one to 45 mins I think so maybe check how long a session they are planning or book in a comfort break??


Hi Sue

Depends what level you want to work at. I have used Zoom but it is limited to 45 minutes for 3 or more attendees. I think might help and it is also free but not so restrictive.

I think a headset is best and if using video remember to ensure the background is suitable and you are not going to be interrupted.

If you are going to use the chat or questions box it might be good to enlist someone to help with that so you are not distracted with it.They can be in the same room and be part of the session but you don’t have to worry about it then!

Good luck!



Hi Fiona,

Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. .
I’ll have a look at that later. Thanks also for the advice about having someone to help, not something I’d thought of but certainly worth considering.

Kind regards,