I’m Stephanie and I’m working two lovely ladies Lyndsey and Anna trying to start a VA company!


Hi Stephanie,

Welcome to the community! How long have you been in business?



How exciting? Are you setting up as a partnership?



Hello both,

I hopefully will be setting up a partnership, in the meantime my partners and I are freelance.

We have only just decided to take the plunge. We are still working on our website etc. So more of a startup startup ha!


Hi Stephanie,

This sounds amazing… have you thought about your business structure and who will be responsible for which part… set up, who will work on each client. I only say that as a lot of the work in the background is unpaid (your own business admin).

It sounds amazing if it can work - and you will then have a great capacity to take on more business.

Look forward to hearing more as you start building - good luck all.

Kind regards



Hello Keira,

At the moment between all of us we are building all the platforms etc and getting prepped. All of us are currently PA’s and have our own jobs so it will be a labour of love to get this project off the ground. We aren’t planning for it to be perfect but there is a lot of admin as you say. There is still a lot of work to do. Going forward initailly we will be indivuals but as the works progresses I will almost certanly make us a company. there is lots to think about and start. Any advise?

Thanks so much


This sounds really exciting! A business between friends should be a great thing :slight_smile:

I made a website for a co-op of counsellors who all have their own private businesses but slowly came together as a partnership and one thing that really helped them was dividing up responsibilities equally (like the website, socials, client follow up, etc) Really hard talk to have at first maybe (try with some wine, it might help!) but once they established that then there wasn’t much to argue about as whoever had final say decided when it was good enough to send out/post/publish.

Hope that helps :heart: