Hi everyone!

Nice to join you all on here! I’m currently in the process of setting up my own VA business. Due to moving house I have had a bit of a career change- hoping it will give me a better work/life balance and flexibility too.

What’s everyone found to be the best way to find clients?

Any help / tips gratefully appreciated!

Georgia :grinning:


Hi Georgia,

Before you can decide the best way of getting clients you need to work out who are your clients and then once you know who you are looking for you can advertise and make your presence known in the places they are likely to be. sor for instance if you are looking to work with B"c clients eg hairdressers, beauty therapists, trades people etc you might want to consider Facebook, Instagram etc whereas if your ideal clients are B2b eg consultants, coaches, legal/finance professionals then you are more likely to find these on LinkedIn and professional networking groups.


Hi Jeannette!

Thanks very much for your advice, that’s really helpful!

Georgia :relaxed:


Welcome Georgia. I’m also new. I’ve been a VA since August 2021 and have found all my clients through word of mouth. I advertise on Yell and social media but have gained no contacts this way. The clients I have are people who know me. This may not be the case for other VAs.
I wish you every success with your business.


Hi Georgia!

I echo what Jeannette said - it’s important to know who your ideal clients are first, where they hide and what their pain points are etc. :slight_smile:

Also, do you have a niche? This can really help you become the ‘go-to’ VA in a certain industry.



Hi Angela. Thanks for sharing your experience so far, that’s useful to know!
Thank you, wish you every success also,


Hi Hannah,

Thanks for your message, that’s good to know.

I don’t have a niche, not at the moment anyway- but that is a good idea so I think I’ll look into that :thinking:

Thank you :grinning: