Hi all. My name is Stacey and have been set up from July but only just now actively working with clients (it’s taken me a while!)

I have not quite found my niche as yet but come from a software development background so that’s my specialist skill although I work with everything.

Ideally I would love a bookkeeping VA partner to pass work to so that I can retain clients that have multiple requests from me, book keeping isnt something I currently offer.

My website is here www.threadva.com and I’d love to hear from anyone saying hi. I am based in Edinburgh.



HI Stacey

I wouldn’t say that that is very long so congratulations on securing clients and work.

Just beware re bookkeeping VA partner - if you are offering that service you need to be registered for Money Laundering (there is a level of business as a percentage of total business for this work). I’ve gone down the route of having such a VA as a referral partner rather than as part of my team/invoicing via my company because of this.

It’s a great sector to be in so all the best.



Hi Stacey! Welcome!!
I don’t offer bookkeeping service, but hopefully you will find someone.

I would say a software developer is a great skill to have as a VA!

All the best–Sara xx


Hi Stacey

Welcome to SVA - TBH it’s good to do a bit of everything when you are starting out so you can figure out who you like working with.

There’s usually a few meet ups in Edinburgh, so you might find a bookkeeping partner there? One tomorrow in fact: https://www.facebook.com/events/496015094461726/