I’m Suzanne, I’m a newbie VA! At the moment I’m just starting out, working on a Squarespace website (my first customer!).
I used to develop websites full time, so have a background in this.
Over the last 6 years I’ve been working with my now ex husband! We set up a fuel distribution business together. Post divorce I’m still there, but it’s his business now, so I’ve finally taken the leap to go part time, and set up on my own.
Early days and limited time right now, but plans to do less there and more here as things grow. That’s the plan!
Amazing to have access to this network of support and advice! Thank you!


Hi Suzanne

Glad you have joined us! Interesting background - are you planning on offering services to those industries or branch out into something new?

Speak soon


Hi Caroline,

I’m open to website work/admin/marketing! I don’t mind what industry… I’ve been like a PA, alongside being office manager, team manager, financial and marketing manager lol!! Small business, many hats!