Good Morning

My name is Amy and I own New Dawn Admin Ltd - a virtual PA company based in Reading.

I’ve had the idea of doing this for at least 8 years now and even though the desire bubbled up to the surface every so often I pushed it back down and carried on in my employed roles… but in June 2018 I decided I couldn’t ignore the idea any more and I took the plunge!

I’ve spent the time since then looking at the services I can offer, how best to price myself in terms of packages etc and I’ve been working on the website. I’m going to launch formally in August 2018 after my holiday and I’m excited and nervous!! Looking forward to being part of a wonderful community!

Amy x


Hi Amy

Exciting times ahead!! Pricing is one of those things where it’s tricky to rectify if you don’t get it right… There’s loads of calculators and theories out there, but you need to figure out what you need to live and balance that against providing good value to your clients… So whether that’s charging the average of £25/hour or giving them something bankable which pays you £100/hour, the value is the main thing.

Good luck!


Thank you so much!

Daunting but after 8 years it’s time to just take the plunge!



Welcome! Good luck with the decisions and your official launch.


Welcome Amy!, good luck with the launch, how exciting!