Hello There from Solihull


Hello there,

I’m a fully qualified PA with over 20 years experience working for the Directors of a multi million pound turnover business.
I’m currently looking into the option of becoming a VA working from home to suit a more work / life balance, and I am open to taking on new tasks with a view to this being the future for me, with eventually running my own VA business, Ramsayvirtual.
I know there is a lot of information for me to look into of which i’m enjoying and it’s great to have such a great website like this for reference and assistance. It’s really helping me so far.
I’m varied in all types of PA work, enjoying the thrill of organising and helping busy businesses taking the stress out of their working day. Any tips would be welcome and thank you very much. Claire x.


Hi Claire and welcome!

Lots of stuff over on the main site, you’ll probably find a fair bit of useful info under the start up and marketing categories.

Good luck!!!


Thank you Caroline that’s great. I’ve moreorless got my website up and running but will be tweaking it as I go with the more I learn.

Thanks again for your support it’s great.


Trust me … you are likely to continue tweaking for a long time. It took me over a month to publish mine. In the end, I just did it even if I wasn’t happy. Now, in my “spare time”, I am working on a WordPress version as I did the first in the 123-reg website builder for expediency.

So as soon as you have your next thought about having your own clients, hit publish, even if you are not 100% happy with it yet

:four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover:


Hi Anna,
Thank you so much for your reply they are so helpful.
It’s a little overwhelming at first and I’m going to try and take things a step at a time. Work on my website, get it up to what I hopefully feel is ready and then work on my blog (eeeek).
The T’s and C’s info and GDPR was great too and after looking on this forum there is lots I can refer to which will help me along the way.

It’s so nice to know there are others out there that have been in the same position.
Speak again soon and thanks so much. Claire x