Hello from West Sussex!


Evening! So this is exciting and scary all at the same time! I’m Gemma and I’m based on the south coast of West Sussex. I’ve been researching, researching and researching and this week I’ve finally taken the plunge and set up my VA business - eek!!

The website goes live near the end of this month, I’ve finally got my social media in progress (slow progress is better than no progress, right?!) and I’ve got my first networking event in two weeks which I find absolutely petrifying!!

I’m still working full time and my aim is to become a full time VA. I have general office experience but my main area of expertise is Human Resources. I’m also studying bookkeeping so hoping to offer a mix of the two.

So lovely to become part of this industry and like everyone else that was new, I can’t wait to get my first client!


Hi Gemma,

Welcome to SVA - I am in Sussex too where abouts are you?

Good luck with building your business, you have an exciting journey ahead.



Thank you so much. I’m near Arundel by the sea, how about you? Very, very excited but almost more anxious! So lovely to have such a friendly and helpful community!


Welcome to the industry Gemma - looking forward to seeing you build and grow your business.

Slow progress is still progress. What I would suggest is work out your annual goal, and then break it down in to 90 day segments so you can then work out what needs to be done each month, week, day to move you towards that goal.

Have you done that first networking event now?

Take care


Welcome to the VA community :slight_smile:


Thank you so much

That is really good advice, thank you so much. I will definitely do this and it will enable me to track my progress - I feel like I’m floundering along with no clear idea of where I’m going.

I survived two networking events. Both completely different although equally as terrifying. I hate hate hate the mingling aspect

Thank you so much for this help, very, very much appreciated


Hi Gemma,

I know you posted this a while back but I wanted to say hi as I’m in Chichester which is not far from you at all!

How is the networking and business building progressing?



Hi Hannah - I know we spoke on LinkedIn but felt rude not to acknowledge your reply!
Thank you so much for getting in touch