Hello from Warwickshire!


Hi everyone
My name is Marcy and I have recently launched my Virtual Assistant business Williams PA Services. I’m now in the stages of marketing myself and getting new clients.
I also loved the IR35 webinar the other day and learned a lot!

Looking forward to contributing some more.


Glad you found it useful - we’ll be doing more advice in the coming months on IR35.

Pick up a copy of my fave book:

It’s brill for marketing service based businesses!


Hi Marcy! I am also in Warwickshire (or is it West Midlands?? Nobody in Coventry seems to know!). Welcome to the forum x


Hi Sara, lovely to meet you! Thanks for the welcome.

I think its both lol! West midlands and warwickshire.

How is it going for you?


I think you’re right lol! I have Google at my fingertips and yet I never think to just research it!
Things are manic my end, I am still working ‘part time’ (with ridiculous amounts of overtime) while setting myself up. I officially ‘launched’ end of September but I rebranded, and have ordered all new promo stuff and setting a whole new site up! I wanted it all somewhat finished and ready by tomorrow as I am attending the Festival of Enterprise at the NEC but will have to make do with what I have… What about you? What are you up to this week? x


Things are a bit manic my end as well. I have quit my job at the start of September because of mental health and decided that if I don’t take that chance today with my VA business then I never will. Now I’m still struggling with mental health but building my business brick by brick. I have a client already which is a family member who has their own company but it’s all about getting new clients now for me and getting better and better! This week I’m working on content for my social media accounts, I’m currently finishing a bookkeeping course and a marketing course and also therapy. I’m off to the Stratford Business Show next week and I’m quite excited! My business cards should be here by Friday!


Hi Marcy

Sounds like it is all go - and it’s really good to see you are making sure there is time in there for you and what your health needs (so many people forget this - myself included!).


Oh Marcy, sorry to hear you had to quit your job due to mental health (i’ve been there too!!) on the flipside though, well done on getting yourself started as a VA!! I’m in the same boat, business cards have just arrived lol… Wow you busy lady, two courses and therapy as well!! All the best for the show, i just attended the Festival of Enterprise and it was brilliant! I highly recommend getting to business shows not just for networking but for the inspiration too. x x