Hello from the North West


Hi I’m Katie Jenkins

I’ve just started Virtually There Services. I undertake all types of general admin, marketing, social media, event organisation and more. I was very lucky to start with two clients but am looking for more. I would also be happy to work with Multi VAs.

Looking for any hints and tips for finding new clients.



Hi Katie

Whereabouts in the North West are you based? Starting with two clients must give you a lot of confidence, so well done!

I have very recently set up and I am based in Darwen, Lancashire.



Hi Katie,

Welcome to SVA. There is a lot of online information here.

Advice on gaining more clients - I would network and build relationships. It really does work.

Good luck with everything :smile:


Hi Katie

Welcome - I am in the North West too - Cumbria! This is a great site and good luck with your new venture!


Hi Claire

I’m based in Lancaster. Getting a couple of clients was serendipitous. One of my clients is a VA and I’m helping her with some projects and the other I’m working as an associate. I’m also in the running for a couple of other projects. So I feel remarkably lucky but I am putting feelers out for more work.

Have you been a VA long? Let’s keep in touch and maybe we can support each other!



Hi Lorraine

It’s good to know that there more of us in the North West!

Hope business is good for you!



Hello from Cheshire, I am a virtual/freelance credit controller and a newbie here too. Wishing you all every success with your VA Adventures, Warm wishes, Chantal :slight_smile:


Hi Katie
Working for a VA will be really useful for you! I have only been doing this for less than three months, but have found lots of support and help.
Do you have a website or social media so we can keep in touch?
Thanks, Claire


HI Katie, how are you getting on?

This series of blogs might help with finding the clients: https://www.vact.co.uk/category/finding-clients/

Take care