Hello from the North East


Hi everyone

So pleased I found you all. Loving this site already. I am Jacquie and have just set up as a VA. The hints and tips on the website have been invaluable already. It is so good to know there is a support group.

Hopefully speak more soon.


Welcome to the group Jacquie, where are you based? When did you set up? I have been a VA for a year and half now and I am really enjoying it, I am learning news things everyday.


I am in sunny Newcastle. I just set up in June this year. I am just starting to see the clients come through now, but I expect it will be busier once school holidays are finished.


Welcome! Wishing you the best of luck in your new adventure.


Oh wow, I am in Sussex. Yeah I am finding that lots of clients are taking it slow for August and then as soon as September comes it will be go, go, go. Network as much as you can as it’ll be so rewarding in gaining new business but also building relationships.


Hi Jacquie,
welcome to the world of VA’s. Are you attending the Northern VA conference in Newcastle in September?


HI Jeannette,

Thank you for the welcome. Sorry for the late reply, I have been away on holiday. I am not attending the VA Conference, I have another meeting arranged on the same date.