Hello from the New Forest


Hi, I am re-launching my virtual PA business this year having been an employed Office Manager for the last couple of years and am really looking forward to immersing myself back into the self-employed virtual world again. I was a self-employed VA from 2001 to 2011 with a couple of clients that I worked for all that time. I am keen to get chatting with you all on this forum as I have found it invaluable this time around. I am developing my website at the moment and making some good contacts but any tips would be really welcome. Thanks, Emma :smiley:


Hi, further to my intro above, is anyone aware of a VA meet along the South Coast anywhere, or does the London one cover it? Thanks


Hi Emma

Occasionally you will see the odd meet up elsewhere - there are usually a few around Global VA Week in May so keep an eye out. Or if you think there are a few VAs in your area, why not reach out and organise your own coffee meet up? We’re always happy to publicise via SVA too!


Hi Caroline

I will certainly keep my eyes open and once up and running up will consider setting up a meet myself, I want to get involved in some networking so that’s a great idea.

Many thanks


Hi Emma,

Welcome to SVA!

I’m based on the South Coast and would be interested in VA meets if you do find/run any meetings - feel free to give me a shout : )


I know as well that Executive Secretary are planning a few PA events dotted all over the country - try these:


Hi ClaireLouise, long time since I’ve been on here, but picking up on your previous message - whereabouts are you located on the South Coast? I have moved since 2015 and am now in Blandford so perhaps further away now, but I would like to consider setting up a meet locally as there are not many networking groups in the Blandford area, where Poole and Bournemouth are drowning in groups. Are you still enjoying life as a VA? Many thanks, Emma


Hello, I am based in Ringwood and occasionally arrange VA meet up’s in this area or in the Wimborne area. Hopefully will get something in the diary soon. Take care Amanda


Hi Amanda, thanks for your reply. We have met before and it would be good to see you again. I would love to come to one of your VA meet ups, so please do let me know when you have the next one booked in. Where do you usually meet in Ringwood?


Hi Emma, Yes we have done Bournemouth, Ringwood and in the New Forest too.