Hello from the High Peak


Hi all,

I am new to the VA world.

In the ‘normal world’ pre-COVID I am a Trainee Nurse Associate but that has been put on hold due to shielding. Luckily I have been given an admin role within my workplace so i have something to keep me busy :slight_smile:

I officially started as a VA back in February. I did some work for my other half who is a web designer and after taking on the admin role I realised I can do more with this!

It has all gone so well so far but I do find my own social has been neglected whilst I make others boost and thrive! Tonight I plan to finish my own website so that I have something up there with all my information.

I was surprised though that how quickly it built up! Don’t get me wrong there is still a lot I need to learn. I love excel and now a good pivot table. My view on socials and standards/designs of posts has improved quickly but I suppose it has to really!

I plan to carry on the VA on the side once I return to training and then look at working part-time to focus on my VA role.

How have you all found the journey?




Welcome did you manage to finish your website? Exciting times ahead for you - and looking forward to hearing that you get to go back to your Nurse training.


It’s quite often a case of Shoemaker’s Children with VAs and their admin/social media!


Hi Amanda,

I did thank you it has gone live this morning! So happy :grin: Nursing is also a focus of mine so it will be nice to get back :blush:


I have made a social media scheduling calendar. There are plenty out there but just didn’t fit what I wanted. The difference it has made is amazing! I now feel even more organised than before! Which I never thought was possible :joy: