Hello from Surrey


My name is Jan. Am new to the site and just about to launch my VA business so soon all systems will be go! Just got to think of a good name first though.


Hi Jan

Welcome and best of luck with your new business. I was lacking creative inspiration and went with just my name, but there are lots of great business names, much more creative than mine out there!

I found this forum and Caroline’s posts really helpful, make sure you take a look around!



Hi Jan

Good luck with the new biz - there’s a couple of posts on names here:


Hope that helps!


Hi Caroline

Thanks they were a great help. Do you think it’s wise to go with a .co.uk address as I don’t want to put off our American cousins!



Generally my advice would be to go with a .com wherever possible… Not because it particularly attracts/discourages people but from an SEO point of view, Google prefers what they refer to as “domain authority” and the .com domain extension has a heavier weighting in their algorithm than .co.uk - plus if you own the .com, people tend not to bother with the other domain extensions like .net/.co.uk/.info etc as they will most likely lose traffic to the .com


Thanks Caroline.

Have now decided on the name and went with your advice. Will join SVA properly promptly.

thanks again



Hi Jan, and welcome! Not sure where in Surrey you are but I’m in Twickenham so might not be too far away. I’ve only just set up myself, been going a month now, so if you need any advice or simply a chat, just shout!