Hello from Surbiton!


Hello all :blush:
I’m so late to do this so now seems as good a moment as any.
I made the decision in December 2018 to focus forwards and set myself up as a VA. I’m still quite fresh and am doing the VACT Mastery course despite there being a ton of information online, I wanted this structure.
I’m working through my modules alongside wor
king full time at the moment as an Office Manager / PA and sales support. Safe to say the days are pretty long right now but, I’m committed to the task and honestly, I don’t know how I didn’t think of this before, being a VA really checks all the boxes in terms of business satisfaction, enjoyment and work-life balance but mostly, the freedom to choose the type of people we work with, I can’t think of anything better!It’s truly heartwarming to find such amazing, supportive online communities like this and seeing people helping each other. I’ve even seen some comments from others near my local area as established VAs. It’s definitely inspiring. Looking forward to getting to know you all, and learning heaps in the process :heart:


Hello Rowena!

The butt kicking from Amanda certainly does focus the mind! Definitely reach out to those VAs and grab a cup of coffee…as I said at the VA Conference, my first meeting with a real life VA was invaluable and immensely positive, it’s so nice to speak to someone else who GETS it!


Thank you Caroline you also give really sound advise, true, would be great to connect with others, despite working around my set up, it can feel a bit isolating at times and would be wonderful to meet others doing the same, and as you say, simply who get it :slight_smile: