Hello from sunny Essex!


Hi everyone, I’m Katryna and I’ve just started up my business.
I did a soft launch in January and have been working on building my network and writing content on LI.
My website is almost up and running (hopefully going live next week eek!) and I’m really excited to join you all in the VA world.
My background is 24 years of admin including public and private sector, I love document work and have quite a bit of experience supporting marketing and comms people so hoping to continue in that market.
Looking forward to being part of this community.
Thanks, K :smile:


Congratulations on your new venture


Thank you :heart_eyes:


Welcome fellow Essex-girl! :grinning: Congratulations on the launch and all the very best!


Hello and welcome! All the best on your VA journey :slight_smile:



Hi Julia, thanks very much :grin:


Thanks very much Hannah :grin: