Hello from South Manchester


Hi fellow VAs!
My name is Becki and I started my own VA business Purple Penguin PA on 1st July. I have 4 clients already which I’m so pleased and proud of. I never thought I’d run my own business but having worked for a female entrepreneur who is an online business coach and seeing her inspiring others (mostly women) to run their businesses I started thinking it was something I could do.
I specialise in corporate PA work with a passion for events and helping companies save money and work smarter. I want to learn more in online marketing so I can offer this as a service so any advice of where I can go for this would be appreciated.


Hi Becki, well done on starting your business and having such a successful start :smiley:

I used to do event work for my previous company (900 people, in manchester, 3 times a year at least) and found it a bit too stressful myself haha but glad you are enjoying it!

I am also learning more about online marketing and want to see what other suggest for you :slight_smile:

Good luck!



Hi Becki, this is amazing! Go you! People do come into your life for a reason :slight_smile:

On the marketing front, I highly recommend hubspot, they have some amazing courses - all free! Good luck!