Hello from South East London


Hello Everyone,

It’s great to be able to introduce myself to you all and the wealth of information that’s encompassed by this forum – the website has already proved such a support, help and inspiration… My name is Kirstin and I’m just at the beginning of my Virtual Assistant journey, having worked in the Arts for many years and having been made redundant in April as a result of Covid. My website - Clear, Crafted Admin Support - is up and running, but I’m still working on that first elusive client. I have also just signed up with Time etc., as a way of getting some experience of the industry plus a little money coming in as I find my feet - does anyone else have any experience of the organisation?



Hi Kirstin

Welcome to the club! I also started with an agency but used Virtalent, it does pay a little better than Time. I haven’t had a negative experience, they do pay, but it is difficult to get the clients to provide work that will suffice the agreed hours. For example I have one client who is on a 20 hour contract but I could only claim 10 hours last month - that type of thing. I guess that is one of the issues working as a VA for an agency. However having an income of sorts is definitely an advantage to using them.

I also used Bark.com to locate leads but this requires you to pay out for the leads and does not necessarily lead to any actual customers.

It is very difficult to get going, but I would suggest hoping onto Instagram and following the VA hashtags there for some hints and tips. Also just keep going. Easier said than done, but be positive and having this forum helps because you can post any question and there is always someone there to support you.

Good luck with everything


Thank you Jacquie, your reply came at just the right moment when I was feeling a little dispirited with the uphill task of getting started. It’s really good to hear that you’ve also tried the agency route and found it has some use, and I will definitely look into Virtalent and Bark.com - the response and encouragement are very much appreciated.

Best wishes



Hi Kirstin, and welcome!

Congrats on starting your business. If you look through the forum, you will see there are a few of us newbies and finding that first client can be a challenge!

Keep doing what you’re doing - it’s easy to feel despondent, but you will get there eventually. Have you tried joining any networking events? There are quite a few virtual ones that you can choose from. They are a great way of meeting new people, opening up a dialogue, and getting your name out there. I’ve made some great connections this way and have learned loads from other small business owners.

What part of SE London are you from? It’s my neck of the woods, although I recently moved to Tonbridge :grinning:


Hello Emma,

Thanks for your lovely message - I will definitely look into the network events, they sound like a great steer. Since posting the above I’ve also found some local small business network events through the Federation of Small Business that I intend to join.

Tonbridge sounds lovely - I’m based in Abbey Wood.

Best wishes



Hi Kirstin, I love your logo - I was looking for your social media icons on your website - that will help potential clients find you - I eventually found them on your contact us page but they didn’t take me to your profiles, so you might want to have a look at that.

This blog might help: https://www.vact.co.uk/how-to-get-your-first-client-as-a-virtual-assistant/

or this category of blogs: https://www.vact.co.uk/category/finding-clients/