Hello from Somerset!


Hi everyone,

My wife and I are based in Somerset and started up our VA business following the sale of our cheese manufacturing business.

We’ve worked together for over 10 years now and amazingly never argue. Our experience in running our own SME for 10 years, and managing a team of over 20 employees made us want to help individuals that are going on that same journey.

We set out on our VA journey in October 2021 and have secured a handful of good clients who we love. We still have space for more and continue to grow.

Everyone here seems a really helpful and friendly so if you fancy making a connection then please do.

Links to our website and socials are below:


All the best.

Matt (& Gem)


Hi Matt and Gem, what a great story! I worked with my husband for 3 years and we needed a good dose of therapy after that, but realised it wasn’t for us. I’m so happy it worked for you as when it works I imagine everything just runs so smoothly :slight_smile:

I also started my VA journey last October with my first client and really enjoying it.

I really like your site and your linkedIn marketing, it looks very professional and love the skill bars you both have on who is better at making tea or cutting grass on your site :smile:

I’ve already learned how I can improve my own business from looking at your content so thank you are sharing.



Hey Georgina,

Thanks for the lovely comments. I taught myself to use WordPress using YouTube and developed the website from scratch. That’s the best thing about being a VA - my self learning is skyrocketing!! :rocket:

If I can help with anything just shout.



Love this and yes @GeorginaB is right, you have a great website that is really personable. Love it.

Please shout if I can help in anyway


Thanks @AmandaJohnson much appreciated.