Hello from Somerset


Hello all. I’m Jo and I ‘launched’ JR Business Services at the beginning this month. My website is built, LinkedIn account updated, business cards printed - now I just need to find some clients! I still work part time (Mon-Thur) in a business support role for a charity so at least have a steady income until I’m fully up and running, but really, really want to make a go of this so that I can stop working for other people and have an independent career that better fits my lifestyle!

I previously lived and worked in London with a 15 year career in recruitment, so that’s hopefully going to work as my niche, but also offering general admin support. I love that there is a community like this one to learn from, share ideas, and get support and inspiration from others who have pursued this as a career. Excited for what’s to come!


Welcome Jo!!

HR services are a popular niche - and easy to target because there’s a specific size of company who’d need some extra HR help but not have enough work to have a full time HR manager. Given your recruitment background, that might be a good niche?

The thing to do is just keep on plugging away - and tell everyone what it is you are doing… You never know where those former colleagues end up or who your mum’s hairdresser also knows!


Hi Caroline,

Thanks for the kind welcome. And for the advice - any and all of which is also most welcome! I have a couple of networking events booked, which will hopefully be a good start, and otherwise plugging away on LinkedIn so fingers crossed.

Thanks again