Hello from Portsmouth


I’m a new VA now starting my journey. I offer Social Media Marketing and General Admin services for service based businesses. Any tips, tricks or advice for this newbie like how to find clients for example?



Welcome to the forum and congratulations on taking the leap to becoming a VA!

I always recommend people get in touch with their local chamber of commerce. Not every chamber is the same but they tend to offer great networking events and learning opportunities.

In terms of marketing, make sure you don’t spread yourself too thin. Be clear on the clients you want to attract, find out which social media platforms they favour and focus on those.

Most importantly, if you find someone you think would be a good fit and could use your services, don’t wait for them to come to you - just approach them. Not everyone is familiar with the concept of a VA and often people who don’t know about it are those who can benefit the most from using our services! Also, surveys show that VAs do tend to get their best clients from word-of-mouth recommendations and direct approaches.

Good luck!



Welcome to SVA. I would my say my top tip is to network. Build relationships. You will be amazed how quickly you will receive interest. Good luck :):smile:


Thank you for responding. I will definitely do this


Thank you for the advice. I will definitely do this.