Hello from Northern Ireland (Bangor)


Hi, My name is Sandra Parry and I live in Bangor, Co Down Northern Ireland. I have been in business for almost two years now with a small client base that keeps me busy. I thoroughly enjoy being master of my own destiny and seek to further develop my business in the local area. I’m looking forward to interacting with you all, particularly those in my area.



Hi Sandra

You also want to check out the VA Heroes NI facebook group - quite a few members from here too!


Hi Sandra, lovely to ‘meet’ you! Love from Coventry, England xx


Hey hey, I’m based in Belfast! Welcome!


Hi Mandie, how are you keeping. Nice to touch base with folk nearby. Do you have something specific you specialise in?


Hey Sandra, I love love love building websites - I’m a coding geek. I also love presentation creation but I seem to be getting more and more bookkeeping jobs. I love it all to be honest. The freedom to work for myself (as scary as that is) has been amazing and completely life changing.

Worrabout you? How did you land in VA land, what are your specialities?


I’ve worked in a variety of different PA roles both here and abroad, I guess I just got to the stage where I was fed up working for other people and the cons that go with that. I decided I could do the same work and be my own boss at the same time. Bit of everything, transcription is my favourite, audio or otherwise, it’s the most stress free :-). I do a bit of bookkeeping and event organising too. Just love doing admin stuff and getting things organised. I need some help with my social media though. I’m old school! lol