Hello from London


Hi everyone

Good you meet you virtually!

I am super new to this world - in fact, I still work as an Office Manager & EA in Central London. But working from home during lockdown (and enjoying it) has encouraged me to explore how I can make the shift to offering virtual support. My intention is to work part-time, as I also run an early-stage business helping chefs enjoy a better work-life balance.

I am so glad this community exists and that the Society offers so much support and information on getting started!



Hi Ishoo

Welcome to SVA - loads of VAs start part-time and it’s a good way of testing the water!

Good luck!


I’m Lucy from the South East. I work as a part-time medical secretary from a hospital and part time VA.


Thank you for the warm welcome, Caroline!


Lucy, good to meet you!

Your work sounds very diverse. I would love to hear how you got started.


Welcome Ishoo. Sounds great that you can do both. I work as a PA for a company in the television industry and run my VA business a long side this and it works really well. I am learning so much and I have got to meet some amazing people. Here’s to exciting times ahead. I am Sussex based.

Kind regards



I guess there are a lot of freelancers in the industry which helps?


Hi Keira. Thank you for the welcome.

It’s inspiring to hear that you work both part-time for a specific industry as well run a business.

I also agree with you regarding the social aspect - the team dynamic does energise you!

Take care