Hello from London


Hi all!

I’m Sarah and I’ve recently started on my VA journey after being made redundant from my role as a PA at an asset management company (it was unrelated to Covid but the situation hasn’t helped!).

I’m based in Walthamstow, North East London and looking forward to connecting with you all.


Tricky time to be job hunting - but silver lining, perhaps this is the push you need to make it work?
We’ve got lots of VAs who did similar during the last recession and are still going strong.


Thanks @caroline, it has definitely given me the push I need to make it work. In the role I’m being made redundant from, I was a PA to people all over the world so I was technically already doing it and have some potential contacts! It’s good to know that others who have been in the same position as me are still going strong.


The main thing to get your head around is marketing and juggling clients! More advice here:


@sarahbrewerva - Welcome!

I launched as lockdown happened and find myself busy now. I try to stay visible on social media and I have joined a paid networking group.

Best of luck!


@AKA Thank you! Will seek out some networking groups online. Glad it’s all going well for you!


Hi Sarah, Welcome to SVA. I think a lot of people are in a similar situation with regards to building their businesses through this time. I would recommend networking to promote your services, and it is also a great way to meet people, learn how other businesses work and to help build confidence. You never know what is around the corner.

Good luck :slight_smile: