Hello from Lincolnshire!


Hello everyone!

My name is Holly and I live in Lincolnshire. I’ve just set up my business as I was made redundant on maternity leave and to be honest I was fed up of putting lots of energy into companies who don’t appreciate it and want to grow something myself instead!

One of the services I currently offer is business caretaking services while clients are out of the office. I found a lot of small business owners can’t actually switch off while on holiday as they are constantly keeping one eye on their businesses. So I keep an eye on things for them. They nominate a contact for any urgent specialist queries and if a client can’t wait I act as a go between. It also means their clients aren’t being met with an out of office, they get to speak to someone and also they come back to a clean inbox. It seems to be well received it’s just a case of getting some more clients now which is where I am struggling!!

Looking forward to chatting with you all and getting some tips :slight_smile:


Hi Holly - welcome to SVA!

That’s a great idea, 7/10 people hang up when they get an answerphone, so they could be losing out on lots of new business. Do you have VOIP and a fall over VA to answer the phone? (There are a few VAs on here who whitelabel that sort of service, and from experience, it’s invaluable!)


Thanks Caroline!
I actually don’t have a VOIP because at the moment my clients either give me their business phones or divert their calls to my mobile. I haven’t given much thought actually to having more than one client and needing to answer the phone regularly as the businesses I work with are quite small so don’t get a lot of calls.
Can you recommend any articles or blog posts to learn more about VOIP and what I would need? I’ve done a Google but I’m still not much clearer!



Hi Holly!
Similar story to mine - I was made redundant before my child turned 1 and just got exhausted of putting my energy into other people’s businesses!
I’ve started mine recently also, lovely to meet you :wave: - great idea focusing on giving small business their much needed holiday!


Hi Holly,

Welcome and good luck!

I was asking a business advisor yesterday about how to answer other companies phones so thanks Caroline for the information.



So sorry I hadn’t even seen these replies! Think I had a glitch.

Thanks for the tips. Will have a read through.

Desperately trying to get some clients in now! Any tips?


Hi Holly

That’s such a great service - supporting entrepreneurs while on holiday!
All the best


Have a read here: https://www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk/2018/10/15/top-10-tips-for-becoming-a-va/