Hello from Leeds


Hi everyone. My name is Shani and my VA business is virtually_shani which I have only recently started. I’m currently taking some training courses to be a virtual assistant after completing the google digital garage course for digital marketing.


Hi Shani

The Google Digital Garage courses are really good, do make sure you mention this on your website etc, as clients do recognise them!


Hi Caroline,

I don’t have a website as yet but I will mention them on my social media pages and my website should I get one


Congratulations on starting your new business. I’ve done some of the Google courses and found them great.


Hi Gloria,

Which courses did you complete as I’ve only completed the digital marketing one? I’m thinking of completing a few more from google.


Welcome :blush:

I wish you all the success :heart:


Thank you for the welcome :hugs:


I completed the digital marketing one and I think it was an admin one.


Hi Shani
Delighted to meet, I am in Harrogate.
Best of luck


Hey Heids, great to meet you and best of luck to you as well :blush:


Hi Heids,
Great to meet you I am based in Wakefield so not that far from you