Hello from Lancashire


Good evening,
Nice to know so many talented ladies here!!

I’m Jocelyn born in KL, Malaysia, speaking 4 languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Malay. English not my first language.

I married a Scotsman and raising a hungry bairn and we just return back to the UK 3 months ago because of my husband’s contract completed.

Gained my HND Business admin from Banff & Buchan College, Aberdeenshire then moved to Chester continues my BA degree in business Admin and in those 3 years, I also work as a Part-time Administrator in the mortgage advisor firm.

I have 15 years experience in PA in various countries & difference industry. 1 year of experience as Business Development & Sourcing Manager in the import company located in Cheshire, because of my husband’s job relocation to the Far East I am unable to continue this job.

Apart from PA/Business development experience, I also have 8 years experience in Real estate negotiator help my clients to sell or rent, I also help my investors looking for properties to invest, assist them research before they invest, mainly in Malaysia, Australia and Singapore.

With all the help and experienced VAs sharing their guidance to me, I am now looking forward to starting up my bilingual Virtual Assistant business in January 2020.


Hello Jocelyn

Whereabours in Lancashire? (My grandmother lived in Clitheroe for years, I love it!).

Good luck for the new start, have a look through the newbies and marketing sections on the main site, loads of advice there.


Welcome to the boards Jocelyn! I’m another who ended up in the UK due to marrying - although in my case a dashing Englishman :wink:


I live in PRESTON.
Clitheroe is a nice place.

Thanks :blush:, currently just doing some online learning to understand the technology and social media marketing stuffs. Start my networking when I have time.


thanks Wendrie.

Cultural difference and I still can’t take haggis!! :rofl: I’m ok with mince and tatties.


Welcome Jocelyn! I ‘spoke’ to you over Facebook (when you unfortunately got scammed!!)
Your site is looking nice! And wow, so many languages and skills! Welcome to the VA community you will love it xxx


Hi Sara,
We chat on various channel too. U miss the Dutch food? I love them, especially the big portion of BBQ spare ribs, I remembered the Novotel I stayed, the chef treated me really well, he even cooked something new and gave me some to try!! Many friendly Dutch I met during my holidays.

Website- thanks for your compliment. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks to Amanda and Caroline who highly recommended Darren to me and he did a great job and save my life!! :laughing:Otherwise, my page won’t be able to publish on time before January 2020.

The scammed case - didn’t get my money back, just treated as someone snatched my Kate Spade away!! Still better than snatch the Hermes Birkin away right?

I think setting up own business is like having a baby!! From zero week till 40 weeks, the outcome is either crying or laughing loud!! Hopefully our business don’t get trouble 2 and horrible 3!! :laughing:


Hey, yes I do!! I miss all the sweet stuff like oliebolle (big balls of doughnut covered in icing sugar) yummy… Yes I am always so proud of how welcoming the Dutch are :smile:
Darren is great at what he does, if I hadn’t already done my site I would have used him for sure!! And saved myself a lot of work!!
Damn, I’m so sorry you got scammed!! Yes, it is indeed like your fave Kate Spade bag being snatched!! it’s horrible!! That’s the best way to look at it, your business is your baby and it needs gentle nurturing and learning to grow :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rofl: Hopefully no terrible twos for us ha ha ha xxx