Hello from Hull!


Hi, I’m Sarah. Have been so employed almost a year offering VA services.
Personal responsibilities and the pandemic have held me back little but I am eager to sign a couple more clients!
What are your top tips for engaging new clients? X


Lots of networking, ask for referrals and maker sure you are on the social media platforms where your ideal clients are


Hi Sarah!

Out of interest, do you have a niche? I gained the majority of my clients through specialising in my niche as they saw me as experienced in their industry and it set me apart from others.

Otherwise, attraction marketing - hitting upon your clients pain points in all your social media so when they’re ready to take on a VA, they’ve already seen your posts and think of you :slight_smile:



Hi Sarah,

Network and speak to everyone about what you do - a lot of my clients I receive via recommendation and word of mouth.

Join local network groups, post in LinkedIn and other SM accounts.

Good luck :slight_smile: