Hello from Hertfordshire


Good morning everyone, my name is Natalie, I am in incredibly new to all this. I am based in Ashwell, Hertfordshire. I have recently been made redundant from my part-time job in Lettings and Property Management. Being a freelance PA/Virtual Assistant, is something that I have been thinking about for a really long time, in the hope it will give me the flexibility of working and looking after my family.

Any advice, tips would be gratefully welcome. Do you all have websites for your businesses, how is the best way you have found pitching and winning work.

Thank you all in advance


Hi Natalie

Welcome to SVA - certainly there are a ton of lettings services which you could offer as a VA - we do quite a lot of this work getting quotes, typing inventories and arranging maintenance for landlords.

Have a wee look here:

Some good articles about getting those first few clients!



Welcome Natalie,

I too am fairly new (well … at least to setting up solo). Following the suggestion of one of the lovely VAs in this Forum, I purchased a copy of this book:

(if you look it up on Google Books you can get a little flavour of how easy it is to read … though I keep stopping to make notes and get lost in my thoughts about how I might tackle things).

I am half-way through and it is really helping me understand how I might go about setting myself up, though I must admit that I mostly found the SVA produced Survey of the profession (below) the most useful in terms of understanding the industry better (despite working as a SubVA for over a year for a lovely LeadVA).

Anyway, welcome and good luck :blush:


Hi Natalie,

How are you getting on? December is a fairly tough time to be setting up so please do ask questions and let us help you get moving with your business.

Take care


Hi Natalie… welcome, and may I wish you the best in your new venture. Its always hard starting off.

I’m over in Bedfordshire in Barton Le Clay…not too far from Ashwell. if you would like to meet up and share details of local network sessions etc then get in touch. my email is serena.bower@officeprofessionalservices.co.uk.



Hi Amanda,

Thank you for your message.

I spent December planning a website and have now found myself temping till the end of March, my foot has come off the gas a bit! My website is nearly finished and I’m just putting together T&Cs.



Hi Serena,

Thank you for your message. Meeting up would be great! I’m currently temping in Royston till the end of March but if you’re around in april before the kids break up from school, meeting up then would be great - so kind of you to offer!

Kind regards


Hi Anna,

Thank you for your message and the tips - great advice and I will have a look into the books.

Kind regards


Thank you Caroline - very much appreciated, I will take a look.