Hello from Henley-on-Thames


Hi everyone, my name is Michelle Beeton and I am very new to the world of Virtual Assistance. I was first put on Furlough in March 2020 which is when I began setting up my business as a VA. I thought I could start doing this part time for a few months knowing my current salary was still covering the bills whilst I built up my client base but then I was made redundant last month so now I’m doing this full time sooner than I had planned!
I’m struggling to get my first client before the funds run out. I’ve attended a few Zoom networking session but it’s a real slow starter. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.


Hi Michelle

Welcome! I was made redundant this year too so I know what you’re going through. Have you spread the word to all your former employees and friends/family about your new venture? I find word of mouth referrals the best way to get clients. Also, have a look out on the facebook group for other VA’s offering associate work - it can be a great way to get more experience and keep things ticking over.

All the best


Hi Michelle

Welcome to SVA - I 'm going to be brutally honest, right now is a tough time even for established VAs. No one is really doing much work before the schools go back and childcare is up and running, that extends into client’s businesses, and their clients as well! (Which means much reduced workload for us as VAs).

Having said that, VAs are a reasonably “recession proof” industry so when the dust settles and people realise they still need their admin done, they’ll look for a flexible solution. My guess is this’ll be Sept/Oct.

In the meantime as Sarah says, get some experience under your belt. As much as you might have loads of PA skills, being a VA is a whole other level of skills - working remotely, not having an IT team to sort glitches, having to market yourself, the skills of running a business…It’s a lot to learn and should keep you super busy! I would aim for spending at least 50% of your time doing marketing.


Hi Caroline,

I kinda guessed that would be the case during these unprecedented times!

I’ll continue to concentrate on marketing my business and in the mean time I will have to find alternative employment to pay the bills!

As they say… “Patience is a virtue”.

Thank you again for your words of encouragement.

Kind regards