Hello from Exeter Devon


Hi everyone,
I apologise for the late introduction.
My name is Jessica and I am based in Exeter Devon with my Family, my 3 kids and husband for 5 years and 8 months (not that I am counting), after 19 years in Italy. Born in the Philippines but always lived abroad since the age of 9. I can speak Italian and Tagalog too along with English.

For several years, I worked in administration and customer care in hospitality and care home (Still working), I always liked the idea of having my own business, since I like administration, I decided to launch my VA business. I decided to offer my service to Accountants as I am studying Accountancy too so I thought working with one may help me to understand the business.

I am excited to be part of this community and looking forward to learn many things in here from you all.

Working as a VA sometimes is lonely, so if someone from Exeter or surrounding fancy to connect or anyone from anywhere wants to connect online, let me know, I would love to make friends and become an accountability mate :smile:

Thank you for taking your time reading my introduction.



Wow, sounds like you’ve got so much to offer as a Virtual Assistant - I love that you’re TRI-lingual too, I’m so jealous! I’ve always loved languages but so far have only managed to teach myself intermediate Spanish :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I’m nowhere near Exeter but happy to connect online!



Hi Jessica, I’m in Exeter too! I’ve been running my business for 9 months now, it’s hard work but I’m enjoying it. Happy to meet up. Sarah


I’m the other side of the county in Tavistock. I’m just starting up in the tech side of VA so very early on. I like seeing other people doing similar things near me since it can often feel like this area is rather cut off.



Hi Hannah,
thank you for your warm welcome.
Leaving abroad didn’t really have a choice to learn it to communicate but I do love to learning other languages too, and I feel lucky about it.



Hi Sarah,
wow we are neighbours :smile: where about in Exeter? I would like to connect, if you don’t mind.



Hi Jessica
Congratulations starting your own business. I wish you every success. I’m in East Sussex but happy to connect with you on social media.
I too am studying accounting, AAT Level 3. How about you?
Good luck.


Hi Jessica,

I’m originally from Exeter, but now live in Chadwell Heath near Romford. I spent a year in Bologna, Italy, as part of my degree. I also speak Italian (and some French) and am currently learning Spanish.

Would love to connect virtually.



Sorry for the late reply. Since I wrote this, things happens, I am about to start an apprenticeship as an Assistant Accountant but nothing official at the moment, still waiting for my college for an update.

How are you doing with the level 3?

I wish you success with your journey.



Hi Sarah,

Wow, how did you found living in Italy?

Sure, let’s connect! :heart:



Hi Jessica.

Sounds like exciting things ahead for you. I wish you every success too.

Level 3 is going well. Hoping to finish this year.



I loved it! Sorry it’s taken so long for me to respond but I’ve been a bit snowed under. Will contact you again when I come up for air!