Hello from Essex


Hi There,

I have recently joined the society and we are at the start of our VA journey.

I have a small team who work with me and we have looked after the needs of local business coaches for a few years. We were VA’s and never even realised…Of course not that we have had that lightbulb moment we have decided to open ourselves up to other industries and opportunities.

I have hit the local networking circuit, I am creating the blog and we have social going but I would really love to hear what other marketing strategies have worked for people. I was thinking about giving direct mail a go as it not so common any more?



Hi Natalie

Welcome to SVA. Direct mail is seeing somewhat of a re-emergence as it’s so rare for people to get post these days. Having said that, it’s an expensive way of prospecting so probably better as a follow up technique with warm leads.

VAs tend to get most of their clients via word of mouth/recommendations, and that’s swiftly followed by Face2Face networking. LinkedIn definitely gets good results too.


Thanks Caroline. I am pleased that I am the networking gets results and I need to up my game in linked in.
Thats great feedback on the direct mail. I think I will try it for warm leads and networking contacts. I will report back if it gives any results.


Hi Natalie welcome to the forum! I didn’t realise I was a VA to a property manager so I know what you mean!
All the best in your venture x