Hello from Edinburgh


Hi everyone, I’m just setting up my VA business. I’m based in Edinburgh and my background is a mixture of tech and admin.
Are there many other Scotland based VA’s here?


Hi Mary,

Welcome to the forum and good luck on your VA journey!

I’m based in Edinburgh myself, we do have a few VAs around here.

If you’re looking for local networking opportunities I can recommend joining the Edinburgh chamber of commerce, they offer great support and events.

Out of curiosity, what is your background in tech?


Hi and thank you! Good to know there’s a few VAs around here.

Thank you for the networking tip, I’m right in the middle of making a list of possible networking opportunities so that is perfect timing!

‘Tech’ covers so much these days doesn’t it! Recently I’ve done some software development training and have been working in technical support for a tech startup that builds apps. But even when I was working in purely admin roles it was often the systems side of things I would end up working on.
And if you go back far enough I used to work in technical theatre programming lighting desks :smiley: but I havn’t found a way I can incorporate that skill into VA work!

Have you been working as a VA for a while?


Interesting. I’m sure there are tech startups out there that will find that type of support very useful! You may want to get in touch with CodeBase in Edinburgh, they host and support lots of tech startups.

I’ve been in business since January 2020, it has been good so far. I come from a background in corporate and commercial law and work as a legal secretary and paralegal. Bit of a niche but Edinburgh and the Central Belt has no shortage of lawyers to work with…


That sounds like a great niche. And great to hear business is going well and you’ve managed to build up despite all the upheavel of the past 18 months.

And yes, Codebase is definitely on my radar!


Hi Mary,

I am Keira and based near Brighton, welcome to SVA. Good luck with your business.



Thank you Keira, lovely to meet you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Mary,
Good luck with your new VA business. I’m new too and based in Devon. Tech sounds like a really great speciality. My speciality is CAD, im hoping that is going to be useful. :slight_smile:


Good luck with your business too! Lucky you being based in Devon, it’s beautiful.
CAD sounds like a great speciality to have! :slightly_smiling_face: