Hello from Edinburgh!


Hi everyone,

I’m Julian, just starting out with my VA Business in Edinburgh.

My background is mainly as a legal secretary/legal assistant though I have also been working as an executive assistant for the past year.

I will focus more on tasks such as paralegal services, research, proofreading and document production which are my areas of expertise though there may be a bit of PA work involved.

I’m really looking forward to it and I would be very interested in connecting with local VA’s. Feel free to point me in the right direction though I will be sure to look around! :blush:


Hello Julian

There’s actually a groups for VAs In Scotland and I think they are having a meetup soon in Edinburgh, so perfect timing!

I guess your target market would be solicitors who have branched out as freelancers or starting their own practice? There are quite a few about!


Hi Caroline,


Yes, the number of solicitors freelancing and setting up as sole practitioners is growing continuously. I guess my biggest concern is the question of confidentiality which is obviously a really important one in that industry but it can certainly work.

Some of these tasks also appeal to other service professionals and I have a few ideas.

Really glad I’ve made this step in any case!


Hi Julian! Welcome to the community!:grin: