Hello from Devon


Hello from Sunny Devon. My name is Aimee i have over 12 years administration experience in a variety of different industries, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Events Management, a City and Guilds qualification in Computer Aided Design and a lots of organisational skills. My mum is an amazing VA and i am trying to be a great VA whilst looking after my 1 year old. Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi Aimee, welcome! Newbie here too, so interested to hear any tips and tricks on your thread. This website is fab!

Kaz - from a very rainy Worcestershire!


Hi Aimee
If you havenโ€™t already, I would consider joining the SW VA Collaborative that Joanne Manville runs.
My top tip would be to set boundaries if you are juggling work and childcare so you can focus fully on whichever you are doing.
Good Luck, Jules


I agree with Jules.

I have a soon to be three year old, started my business a year and a half ago. It has been a slow process as I enjoyed the set up and working one day a week but now things are flying. The boundaries are vital for a stress free more focussed way of working, but to also have my family time which is one of the reasons I began this journey.

Tips are to network :slight_smile: people like people! Good luck you will do amazing!



Hi Kaz,
Thank you for your comments. I hope your weather has improved :slight_smile:


Hi Taylor,

Thank you for your advice. I will definitely look into joining the SW VA Collaborative, and boundaries sound like a very good idea :slight_smile:



Hi Keira,
Thank you, I am looking to join some networks as well as setting boundaries and specific times whn my husband has our toddler and i can focus on work.



It will suddenly all come together :slight_smile: good luck. Shout if you need anything.