Hello from Cornwall


Hi everyone,
Signed up a few months ago but thought I should properly introduce myself!
I’m Emma and I’ve launched into the VA world after owning my own business (beauty brand) for over 11 years, eventually selling up after falling out of love with the industry.

I sold the business in 2020… horrendous year to decide to change my life… and afterwards worked on superyachts as a Stewardess to get some travelling out of my system.

During this time I realised that I am definitely made for self-employment, and missed having a challenging/creative career. I went backpacking in Guatemala to do some soul searching and found the time to really focus on what I’m good at, and researched some industries that interested me. This led me, finally, to discovering the VA world!

I realised that I enjoy change, I am highly organised, I love working online and with new technology, am detail orientated and creative. Having been a small business owner myself, I’m really passionate about working with independent companies, but that’s as far as my niche goes for now!

Happy to be here and e-meet you all!

Paloma Fox Website


Welcome Paloma,

You sound like you’ve had some adventures and time discovering your next move, great stuff! A career change can always be a little daunting but an amazing opportunity for reinvention and energizing. Good luck with it.

Helen (Dorset for now hoping to return home to Cornwall soon) xx



I love your travelling story! We’re travelling in our campervan at the moment and have been to 12 countries so far in this 3-month trip, it’s very exciting :slight_smile:

I love your insta page and as far as niche’s, that’s about as far as mine goes too!

I’ve sent you a connect on linked in :smiley:

Good luck,


Thanks Helen, definitely was daunting but also felt like the right time. How long have you been a VA?


Wow! 12 countries already, that’s amazing! A campervan is funnily enough my next goal! Have no idea where I want to live in this world, so thought it would be fun to explore some new places in the UK, and work at the same time.
Would love to follow your adventure so will absolutely like to connect!