Hello from Cardiff


Hello all

I’m a starting out as a VA for creatives although I have been working as a freelance bookkeeper for the last year as well as my employed roles.

My biggest hurdle at the moment is finding the time to do any marketing. I have accounts set up on social media but haven’t had posted anything yet. I initially I wasn’t really sure what I was offering or who I was offering my services to. I think I have a clear picture of that now but due to taking on new clients, I haven’t had the time to think about marketing.

Any tips on where I should focus my time would be useful!

Diolch! Thanks!


Hi Abby! I hope you are well!

For me, the most effective social media tools have been LinkedIn and Instagram.

It’s where I get the highest engagement, and I’ve also had work come through both of those platforms.

I hope that’s helpful.




Hi Abby

Congratulations on starting out, exciting times!

You’re doing exactly the right thing, thinking about where to focus your time. I think the biggest mistake people make is trying to be everywhere at once which makes it very difficult to stay consistent.

Now that you’re clearer on who you want to offer your services to, have a think about where they are in the online world. Pick just one or two platforms and concentrate on those. I would suggest Instagram for creatives.

Good luck and well done on taking the plunge!



Hi Abby,

lovely to e-meet you.

Are you still bookkeeping? and if so do you do payroll and if so please can we arrange a call:)

Also happy to share our experience with social media and marketing.




Thanks all for your comments and advice.

@sendittoalex yes, I do offer payroll services and I would be happy to have a chat.


Hi Abby,

There is a lot of online support with reference to marketing but before you know it you would have signed up to everything and have even less time.

I would have a think of who your ideal client is and where you think they would be? For me I use LinkedIn and Instagram. Admittedly I need to allow more time to focus on this. I do know that blocking out an hour a week to plan and schedule content helps you to become more creative and more productive! Also use a scheduling platform so you then don’t have to think about this all the time, but you will be then be posting content regularly.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Hi Abby!

I’m also a VA for creatives! Also my partners family are from very near Cardiff so we’re there all the time!

In terms of marketing yourself, like others have said pick 1 or 2 platforms you feel comfortable with and set time aside once a week to bulk-create content. Canva is amazing as you can really easily resize the same graphics for different platforms (even if you don’t have the paid version - just copy and paste the content to a different graphic size). I schedule my weeks worth of content on a Sunday :slight_smile:

In terms of platforms, go with what you’re comfortable with but I find Facebook groups good to market on!

Best of luck on your VA journey!