Hello from Cambridgeshire


Hello everyone!

Being a newbie around here, I thought I should introduce myself.

I’m Emilie and I live in a little village called Sawtry with my fiancé Chris.

What I’m up to at the moment: I’ve recently set up Ashwood VA and I am currently at the famous ‘looking for my first client’ stage. I’m also at the final stages of @AmandaJohnson VACT Mastery Course, which has been incredible! I’ve loved my journey so far, and I can’t wait to crack on with helping and supporting some clients.

Where I’ve come from: I graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and went on to work in a Conveyancing firm. I had many-a-role there, including case manager, office-wide admin support and locum for the senior case managers. I loved supporting my clients and colleagues, but it came at a price - I was permanently exhausted, working far too many hours and not looking after my own wellbeing (not that I realised any of that at the time!) My redundancy was a blessing in disguise. I took it as an opportunity to re-evaluate and make some positive changes in my life.

I can honestly say I have never been happier. I am really looking forward to experiencing the ups and downs of being a VA. I can’t wait to get to know you all and become part of your wonderful community.


Thank you for the mention - I love supporting you on your VA journey, Emilie. Exciting times ahead of that I am sure.


Hi Emilie, and welcome!
I’m at the same stage as you, and my introduction into VA life was similar. Though I wasn’t made redundant, I just up and quit as my job was having a serious impact on my health.
I currently have no income, but I am doing my own thing and my health has improved dramatically. Can honestly say, I’m loving it - despite the lack of clients :sweat_smile:
Best of luck on the start of this exciting journey!


It’s fabulous isn’t it Emma! Well done for making the decision to quit your job. If i’d have known what a difference it would make I would have quit years ago (isn’t hindsight wonderful :joy:). It looks like it’s onwards and upwards for the both of us. Good luck with it all, hopefully I’ll see you around!