Hello from Cambridgeshire


Morning all, my name is Ali and after 30 years working in various office environments and getting fed up with the politics and poor leadership, I decided on setting up my VA business, Your Business Assistant. I have been going for 4 months now and have 2 clients, who are both lovely. I really do need to secure more and have been active on LinkedIn. I will just have to be patient as I know its not going to happen overnight. As anyone else had the same problem.


Hi Ali

I hear you on the office politics - I used to work for some very big companies and could not fathom why they had such idiots in charge. The conclusion I reached was that they’d been promoted above the level of their incompetence!

First few clients are the hardest to get - I think it gets easier once you know what clients are you like working for and the kind of things which push their buttons. I also think there’s a danger when you have a couple of clients of being complacent and dropping back with your marketing efforts… It really is a numbers game - you need enough leads to be able to have a chance of converting them - so keep plugging away!


Hi Caroline, many thanks for your advice - I will keep plugging away!


Hi Ali
I get you on office politics and i have decided to set up my own VA business,

i am just doing the setting up now an thinking of a name. while my work my notice.


Have a wee read of these on the name-choosing: